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  • Joachim Küllenberg

Inselradio Mallorca + Vernissage Paolo Sapio, 6.10.22 in Palma, Hotel ARTmadams

An evening that passed as if in fast motion. The painter-media-digital artist Paolo Sapio presented his works, the DJ and the singer with band played the right tunes and the guests were in a good mood. What more could you want.

The fact that our bistro table was always well attended was due to the good location, the lively conversations and the cheerful laughter of our high table visitors. We were happy to get to know the island radio hosts Jacky Bohlender + Lena Bernauer better. Great stories and embarrassing mishaps from radio life were told - there was a lot of laughter. One story from Jacky I will definitely not forget - absolute hammer. And Inselradio CEO Daniel Vulic came several times in between to get some of our good mood.

The autographed brochure from artist Paolo Sapio at the end was a must have.

I think our table was the last one to break up that evening. It was nice!

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