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Here you can find more insights into our products and services. 


CrazyChair collection

Video :      sec.


Crazy chair frames and hammocks

Video :        28 sec.

Clipper Fock.png

Hammock CLIPPER and jib cuff

Video:         2min 44 sec. German

Daybed Divan.png

CrazyChair Daybed DIVAN

Video:       27 sec.

ONE presentation.png

Hanging chair ONE

Video :    28 sec .

PDF :        _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf-136_bad5cf-136 english

PDF :        8 Seiten, deutsch


house boat

Video:        3min 47 sec. deutsch

Adhesive Technic.png

Adhesive technic

Video :    2min. 10 seconds, English

PDF:        15 pages, english

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