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Adhesive instead of drilling or welding

glued mounts for hammocks

  • bonded stainless steel plate

  • Breaking load at 2500 kg

  • at least 5 years warranty

  • certified by the  Frauenhofer Institute

  • in cooperation with MUEHLHAN AG

In advertising, hammocks are the most popular key visual for holidays, leisure time and relaxation.


Some cruise companies have recognized this and offer their passengers chilling in hammocks. In this way, a centuries-old seafaring tradition is being continued in a contemporary way. Surveys among passengers have shown that relaxing in the hammock on the balcony cabins of the cruise ships has a special appeal.

For a secure attachment of the hammocks, 2 eyelets are conventionally attached to the steel walls of the balcony by welding or drilling. This is done at the shipyards, as it is not feasible during a cruise due to the nuisance to guests. Unfortunately, these parts are unsightly after just a few months due to corrosion, technical conditions or processing defects.

Kopie von Kopie von Ohne Titel.png

A special stainless steel plate with a ring eyelet is glued directly to the painted steel wall of the ship's balcony as a holder for hammocks. This innovative idea was tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in extensive tests lasting several months. 

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